I’m Actually Crafty :: Jewelry Frame

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I’m Actually Crafty :: Jewelry Frame

      So folks, sometimes I really am crafty. Last week my wife had an idea for a jewelry picture frame that she saw online. She planned it out and I (the original crafta’) made that shit real. Boom. Here’s how you can make your own!               What […]

Festival Supreme

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Joe, Nick and the Festival Supreme Song Contest Last week, Nick Zaino and I entered a contest to write the theme song for Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme, a comedy music festival. Well, at around noon today (Friday, September 26) the voting will end, so go ahead and vote if you can! Nick and I will […]

NY Funny Songs Festival and TED Radio Hour

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Dear gangsta-diary, I know I haven’t blogged in a while but this seems like as good a time as any — especially with some cool things going on. Could we actually just do this as a conference call? No? Ok, scratch that. Blog! You all know that since the arrival of lil’-Krafty, I don’t get […]

Crafty Bars

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Yo Gangstas, J-Krafty be takin’ his craft skillz into tha kitchen, yo. Check this out. When youz in the middle of some hard craftin and you hungry between meals,  you may find yoself in need of a protien bar, well…don’t be buyin’ one of them prepakagized bars wit crazy addatives in that junk. Homie, if […]

Gangsta Sponsorship: A Craft Thing

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Yo Craftas, Somewheres around June in this year of craftiness, fellow gangstas, my friends The Motion Sick were  on the Neutral Uke Hotel tour –pretty gangsta of them to be playin madd Neutral Milk Hotel jams on the Ukelele (so check that out) — and they run into madd crafty person, Shannon McCarthy, aka Comfortably […]

Simon Stamps now Selling Official Crafty the Music Video Rubber Stamps!!

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Yo, Guess what homies! Simon Stamps has agreed to sell the Official Crafty the Video Rubber Stamps! Here’s how you get them. Just follow the links below!! (have to click twice the first time — not sure why) CRAFTY BITCHES PUNK CRUNK MOTHERF*CKER Hope you all enjoy these fly stamps!

The Video Release Party

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Whoa my craftiest peeps. The video release party was a true success if you ask J-Krafty, and why wouldn’t you my crafty soldiers. Sure it was Friday Dec. 11, but the mayhem started Thursday evening, Dec. 10 with a trip to Artists and Craftsmen in Central Square…pickin’ up mad silk screen supplies–a scoop coater and […]

Crafty The Video is Here.

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Crafty the Video, Just Dropped! Check this out, peeps. And don’t be shy. Embed this joint. Watch it on YouTube in HD, and share this wit yo’ homies and crafty shorties. Word em up.

Crafty Video Release Party, Friday Dec. 11!!!

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Friday Dec. 11, 7PM, George Dilboy VFW, Somerville MA Link to the facebook event here