I’ll decoupage yo mama

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I’ll decoupage yo mama Yo craftas, don’t be messin wit J-Krafty or the crafty crew, cause we WILL bust into your house and we WILL decoupage yo mama. Craftin’ is a promise in tha streets, my crafty soldiers.

The Original Crafta

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Listen up my crafty soldiers. I know you be on the street corners doin’ yo’ thing. Micro collagin’, kneedle pointin’, straight up stencil. I hear that. but don’t try an run up on J-Krafty because I WILL craft you down mutha’ crafta. That there is a promise, because I am the O.C.  — Original Crafta. […]

The Crafty Crew

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chillin like villians in a no-craftin’ zone. 5-0 be creepin’ to tha crafty crew when we be chillin’ in a no-craftin’ zone yo. but that don’t bother us none. We been to the police house, and they be rubber stampin our fingers–but sometimes we gots to keep our heads low so they don’t confiscate our […]

Cordless Glue Gun

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Allow me to freestyle, gangstas. Cordless glue gun you know it’s true fun Batteries charged pull the trigger — oooze — glue done. I glue yo’ hair in a bun, a hit and glue run. you betta run son. uh. Attilla the Hun: had elephants and some horses but he won’t have nothin’ on my […]