NY Funny Songs Festival and TED Radio Hour

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Dear gangsta-diary,

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but this seems like as good a time as any — especially with some cool things going on. Could we actually just do this as a conference call? No? Ok, scratch that. Blog!

You all know that since the arrival of lil’-Krafty, I don’t get out much, but this week (Friday and Saturday) I have the all-clear for a road trip to NYC to play in the NY Funny Songs Festival. I’m pretty excited just to get out and hear some cool music, but getting to play also is an added bonus. I’m not even sure if I know anyone in NYC these days but if we’re friends and you or someone you know lives in NYC or Brooklyn, definitely check out these shows.

FRIDAY, 5/30 (I only have a few songs but it should be an awesome night)
50 Funny Songs (7:30)
A night of Dirty Songs (9:30)

SATURDAY, 5/31 (20 minute set)
Branded Saloon, 603 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn
Drinking and Droll Ditties (1:30-5) — I’m on early — this is a comedy songs brunch! yum.

Check out all the details at NYfunnysongs.com

Ok, I know I’ve bored you all with my TED Talk over the last 3 months (you can watch it here) but now there is something else cool — the TED Radio Hour with host Guy Raz. It’s not just my TED Talk but it’s half talk, half interview all woven together with spooky music and it’s on NPR! I mean, I’m never going to be on NPR again so this is a big deal for me, plus I’m in great company with magician David Blaine, astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield, Karen Thomson Walker and Stephen Cave. I mean David Blaine is a badass, and Chris Hadfield? Also a badass. I guess I’m a badass too by association (in a nervous kind of way). I’m sort of a moderate adrenaline junkie.

You can check it out here: http://n.pr/1oaDBhh

If you made it this far, then I’m not as boring as I thought. As a reward, please go ahead and download my album for free here — it’s name your own price, but you can enter 0 — you’ll just need to enter an email.


I love you more each day.



(Lil’ Krafty with some serious snot bubbles)

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