Crafty Bars

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Yo Gangstas,

J-Krafty be takin’ his craft skillz into tha kitchen, yo. Check this out.

When youz in the middle of some hard craftin and you hungry between meals,  you may find yoself in need of a protien bar, well…don’t be buyin’ one of them prepakagized bars wit crazy addatives in that junk. Homie, if you crafty, you gots to make yoself home made DIY style protein bars. That way you don’t get no crunk ingredients that be messin’ wit yo insides.

Now first of alls, J-Krafty don’t steal intellectualized junk without givin’ props yo. This recipe is based on the dope chocolate protein bars from this here blog by Maria Peters. But as crafty as I be, I done modified that junk to make these here Crafty Bars.

The pictures at the bottom will show you exactly how J-Krafty be mad comfortable in the kitchen arts.

Delicious Crafty Bars — These have nut, soy and wheat ingredients.

Some dope cooking spray
1 C multi-grain hot cereal mix — unprocessed (check out the photo yo. I get most of my stuff at Trader Joe’s)
1 C multi-grain hot cereal mix — blended into flour (blend that whole grain mix up! I usually shake the blender a little — or use food processor)
12 scoops chocolate protein powder (TJs — this does have fructose in it.)
4 TB ground flaxseeds
1 C non-fat dry milk
10 TB natural almond butter (no oil, salt or sugar added)
1.5 tsp vanilla
1/2 C water
1/2 C soy milk
1/4 C dark chocolate mini-chips (optional)
1/4 C sliced almonds (mandatory, bitch–don’t test me)
tiny bit of butter, yo.

If you smart, you’ll do these up in a silicone pan. I know you homies be goin’ on about chemicals and such, but if you try these in a regular pan, you may have to chisel them out. Tru.

Spray yo bar mold / pan wit cooking spray. Get all up in those crevaces, yo.

Pre-heat oven to 250. Aint no thing.

In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients together. (This step be easy.)

Add almond butter & mix until crumbly. now what J-Krafty do, is I get a wooden spoon and a metal spatula (pastry knife be even better) and I like cover all the almond butter and then chop it and slice it until it’s even and there don’t be no big chunks. This take like 5 minutes. Don’t skimp hater.

Now is when you got to take yo sliced almonds and a little bit o’ butter and pan toast that junk. You could probably do without the butter, but I use just a tiny bit. Don’t burn it yo…keep a crafty eye on that until the almonds turn a nice light brown and got themselfs a nutty smell.

Now, add vanilla, water, soy milk, almonds and mini chocolate chips and stir that junk all up in there. This be a test of yo gangstsa strength yo. It Just keep mixing that junk until all of the dry ingredients be moistened and the liquid has been absorbed.

Now Maria Peters say to take that and just plain refrigerate, but I tried that and it was too gooey fo my own self. So I bake that junk at 250 fo’ 35 minutes, just so it firms up a little on the outside. No need fo long term bakin’ on that.

Enjoy homie. and when someone asks you what you be eatin’, say, “Hush up fool, don’t be talkin’ at me when I’m mackin’ on a Crafty Bar…hater!”

J-Krafty out.