The Video Release Party

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Sophia from Boston Band Crush showcases a huge Crafty logo

Whoa my craftiest peeps. The video release party was a true success if you ask J-Krafty, and why wouldn’t you my crafty soldiers. Sure it was Friday Dec. 11, but the mayhem started Thursday evening, Dec. 10 with a trip to Artists and Craftsmen in Central Square…pickin’ up mad silk screen supplies–a scoop coater and some mo’ hinge clips to get my silkscreen on.

Then to the totally crafty Tibetan restaurant whos name I don’t know but the food is super good and pretty bland, which is perfect for Scizzas who got stomache issues. Oh, and I forgot a trip to Jacks fo’ some 99cent tape, yo. The scary guy at tha counter assured me that my bag would be safe with him in the crafty self-check. That made me nervous but I left it anyhows. Craftas got to be mad focused when they shopping.

Next, home to start the videos compressin’…3 hours later and what! a spelling error in the credits? Holy mutha of Craftiness. 2 more hours on a lower setting and it was time to mix my silkscreen emulsion and coat the small screen.

Short naps throughout tha night from 10pm-11, 2:30 to 4, and 6 to 7:30, interspersed with magic markerin’ the edges of tha 70 page tile of the crafty logo (shown here) and exposin the silk screen (failure on that front), and finish editing the Crafty Crew Video profile. Ugh.

8am rolls around and I’m driving Scott (who has kindly dropped off some gear at my crib) to the T station, and then an emergency trip to Walgreens to get DVDs and a container of OJ to get my vitamin C up in this piece. Finally home, compress the video profile (2hours) burn the first DVD, set up the iDVD and burn the other kind, (another hour) sleep shower pack up the Ford and J-Krafty is out!

At which point i was so tired that I could not focus on a single thing fo’ more than 5 seconds. I hauled myself to the Dilboy VFW unpacked, met Mike and Julie and Scizza and Knitta and we all just went crazy on the Place. John Hendricks showed up and worked the door which was a godsend. Scott Anderson hung out at the sound all night and managed the production. Bubucheek clothing co. came in and just started silks screening like crazy and they did that all night. I can’t say enough good things about them so find them and buy some of thier mad cool t-shirts.

We all played short musical sets and then it was time fo’ J-Krafty to freestyle. J-krafty don’t really freestyle, so I started freestyle readin’ some lyrics that i was workin on and a mad shoutout to all my crafty gangsta’s…like Slim Crafty and Old Dirty Crafta. The crowd was getting all hyped fo’ tha video and then we dropped on them like hot glue on a foam ball my peeps. They didn’t know what hit em. BAM! They’d been Craftitized. Once we layed the deleted scenes on them, there was no turnin’ back my crafty sodiers.

And that was how it went down.

Gangsta out.